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2nd Grade Picture

2nd Grade Picture

Two is considered a lucky number in certain cultures. It’s no wonder, then, that Naomi Harmon-Kirksey was born on 2.22.02; her mission was to spread good fortune from the moment she arrived.

Needing to communicate her mission with haste, Naomi learned to speak before she could walk. She attended Franklin Fine Arts Center, and it was there that Naomi really set about her mission of attending to people’s needs.

She quickly became well-liked by her classmates and teachers for her concern, friendliness and, not to mention, fashion forward outfits featuring large doses of purple.

Thankfully, Naomi attended to her academics with the same attentiveness as being friendly and fashionable, and particularly enjoyed long conversations with her Da (grandfather) about her favorite subject–mathematics.

Outside of school, Naomi studied jazz, and ballet at the Joffrey School of Dance. She also took violin lessons at the Merit School of Music and was particularly pleased to master a piece by Bach, knowing him to be Da’s favorite composer. In 2010, she won top rating in the Merit Young Musician Competition.

But more than her love for dance and violin, Naomi’s greatest joy was planning and attending social gatherings. When acting as hostess, she put her characteristic style on everything from the decorations to food, including her signature gourmet deviled eggs (with a secret ingredient known to only Naomi) and mini key lime pies.

Ever a happy child with a keen sense of humor, Naomi was also sassy, as in bold and self-confident, with a strong sense of social justice.

Naomi & Molly

Walking on the streets of hometown Chicago, she saw homelessness and knew it wasn’t right. She urged her mother to invite homeless people to sit and eat at the restaurant because–by her thinking–feeding a person on the street was as unjust as their not having food in the first place. To this day, Naomi’s mother celebrates 2.22. by treating a homeless person to lunch and asking her family and friends to do the same. It’s what Naomi would have wanted.