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Our vision is to help create a community of researchers addressing unanswered biological questions and translating these findings toward the development of new treatments for childhood cancers that have poor outcomes.



The mission of Naomi’s Fund is to raise much-needed money for research that promises to raise the survival rates of pediatric cancers with improved supportive care and treatment protocols.


The purpose of funds raised by Naomi’s Fund is for research into pediatric/childhood cancers with two main focus areas:

  1. Increasing survival by funding research for pediatric cancers with no proven treatment      protocols and a high probability of death, within five years of diagnosis.
  2. Improving the quality of life by funding research into supportive care protocols that address some of the potential lifelong health disabilities that are encountered by pediatric cancer survivors.

Our plan is to focus on the following areas and expand as research advances.

  • – Solid Tumors
  • – Blood Diseases
  • – Unclassified Cancers