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FAQ’s About Dr. Pinto’s Research


How is Dr. Pinto’s research unique?

Currently, Dr. Pinto and his colleagues are the only researchers in the country working on personalized medicine for solid tumors [in pediatric patients]. Other researchers working on personalized medicine for [pediatric] cancer patients are working on “liquid” tumors, i.e., leukemia, or cancer that begins in white blood cells.

What kinds of solid tumors is Dr. Pinto researching?

In Steps 3 and 4 of his research, as outlined here, Dr. Pinto is focusing on neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor cancer that begins in nerve cells, most commonly in young children.

Will Dr. Pinto’s research only help patients with neuroblastoma?

The expectation is no. The drugs used in Dr. Pinto’s research are used to treat cancers other than neuroblastoma, so the more that’s learned about using the drugs to treat one type of cancer, the more that’s learned for using them to treat another.

What are the time and cost investments for Dr. Pinto’s current research?

Time-wise, about 11 years total–two years for Phases 1 & 2 and about six and three years for Phases 3 & 4, respectively. Cost-wise, about $1 million total. As noted elsewhere, Dr. Pinto and his colleagues have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from the federal government, as well as from individuals through private funding organizations. But in reality, their findings to date have cost much more: determining the DNA sequences of the 3,500 patients the researchers analyzed in Phase cost over $10 million, though covered by another research team.